Maria Sharapova Web has a brand new look.  The theme was made by Lilianne and Extras.Flaunt. The images that she used are from one of my favorite photoshoots of Maria from The Edit. Let us know if you find any broken link.

It’s that time of the year again, Maria’s birthday is coming on April 19 and as fans of Maria we know the last month has been a hard one. This is why we want to make something special for her birthday this year and we would love if all Sharafamily could join the project.

This year we thought about making an online magazine for Maria. The magazine will be full of special messages for Maria and we can also share our favorites moments and photos of Maria. We want to remind her that no matter what we will always support her.

Here’s the information:

  1. Pick your favorite pictures of Maria and send it to with a birthday message for Maria (feel free to include a picture of yourself)
  2. We will accept submissions until April 12. We know it’s short notice but we need those extra days to really create the magazine.
  3. The magazine will be online by the time of Maria’s birthday and we will share the link on our twitter accounts (@SharapovAce & @MSharapovaWeb)
  4. Just have fun and tell us why you love Maria. We do this for her.

After a year with the same design I decided it was time for a change. This time our design is a lot simpler than the one we had before. I made a poll on Twitter to decide which photos to use and you guys voted for Maria’s photoshoot for Nike Tech. The gallery also has a matching theme and our Tumblr has a new look as well.

Thanks to CherryWine for the premade of this wonderful theme.

Also in related news, all the content was deleted because of a mistake I made. I’ve managed to recover most our pages, but there are still some under construction. If you find any broken link let me know.