2013 – Maria for the Evian campaign “Baby & Me.”

Evian is a brand of mineral water. The brand frequently collaborates with high-fashion designers for a series of limited edition bottles. In 2010, Maria signed a multiyear agreement with Evian water brand. Evian is a sponsor of Wimbledon, the U.S., and Australian Opens.

Evian Bottle Service | Baby & Me campaign | Photos


❝ Hydration is extremely important and it’s something I’ve gotten to educate myself so much over the last few years, especially being a top professional athlete.❞




2011 – Maria in her first campaign for Head.

After using Prince as her racquet sponsor, Maria decided to switch to Head in 2011. Head has been used by top players like Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Maria uses the new Head Instinct (alongside Tomas Berdych) and she also has her own tennis bag collection that she helps design every year.

Djokovic vs Sharapova | Graphene Instinct | What’s your name? | Buy Head Instinct | Buy MS Bag Collection | Photos

❝ Instinct is the feel that you have from within. For me, is about to play my game and my game is powerful and strong. Whether I hit a forehand or a backhand I wanna make sure that I have force behind it and I think the racquet can really help you with that.❞



2015 – Maria in a promotional picture for her French Open Outfit.

Since the start of her career Maria has worn Nike, and in 2010 Maria partnered with Nike to create the Maria Sharapova Nike Collection. In January 2010, it was announced that Sharapova had renewed her contract with Nike, signing an 8 year deal for $70 million. This is the most lucrative deal ever for a sportswoman.

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❝ It’s really incredible to be able to bring these looks that I love to so many women. I am equally excited about working with the design team at Nike to see how much more innovative we can get crossing fashion-forward designs with high performance fabrics and silhouettes.❞




2012 – First promotionals for Sugarpova

Established in 2012, Sugarpova is a premium candy line that reflects the fun, fashionable, sweet side of international tennis sensation Maria Sharapova. Maria has created her own candy business to offer an accessible bit of luxury, interpreting classic candies in her own signature style. In 2016, Sugarpova launched a chocolate line.


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❝ Creating Sugarpova has been an exciting labor of love,” Sharapova said in a statement. “My tennis and business schedules keep me traveling worldwide, and I confess to having a sweet tooth that knows what it wants!❞



2014 – Maria teams up with Supergoop.

Supergoop! is the first and only prestige skincare brand completely dedicated to sun protection. In 2014, it was announced that Maria Sharapova was the new co-owner and brand ambassador the Supergoop! As a tennis player, Maria knows the importance of taking care of her skin especially when she spends so much time under the sun.


Maria talks about Supergoop! | Welcome to Supergoop! | Behind the Scenes | Photos

❝ I was actually a fan of Supergoop before I met Holly—I found it at Sephora. I’ve been in the sun for as long as I can remember for my job. I’ve spent years training in Florida. That application of sunscreen became a ritual for me, and something I [have done] almost every day of my life. And when I met Holly, her message was such an important one— raising awareness and making sure that many people are knowledgeable about skin cancer, that it is the leading cancer [in the United States], and that it’s preventable.

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