Yuri Sharapov

2007 – DFS Classic with Yuri Sharapov

For some time Maria’s father was her coach, he went to a lot of her tournaments including Wimbledon.

However, in 2008 Maria decided to stop being coach by her father. She explained in many interviews that her father always got very nervous when she played. There are also reports that some players complained about Yuri, especially during the Fed Cup when Anastasia Myskina criticized Maria’s father, “He was just yelling and screaming instructions to her and I thought he just might jump right on the court at one point in the match.” In 2013 there were rumours that Yuri would coach Maria during the US Open, but it never happened since Maria withdrew from the tournament due a shoulder injury.


Michael Joyce (2008-2011)

2009 – Michael Joyce speaking to Maria during a match in the Rogers Cup.

Joyce was the coach and hitting partner of Maria Sharapova, along with her father, Yuri Sharapov, from summer 2004 until January 2011, when he was replaced by Thomas Högstedt. During her cooperation with Joyce, Sharapova won two Grand Slam singles titles and reached the World No. 1 ranking.

He talked about his partnership with Maria and her dad in an interview, “Maria was the same way, her father never played tennis but he would feed her balls, take her to tournaments and he learned just as much from the experience as she had. The most important thing though is that parents have open minds and let the coach do their work while the kids are with them. Parents think they know everything – and that will never work.”


Thomas Högstedt (2011-2013)

2012 – Maria and Thomas pose with the Roland Garros trophy.

Sharapova hired Hogstedt at the end of 2010 to serve as a “co-coach” with her then hitting partner/coach, Michael Joyce. He was appointed coach of five time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova in late 2010, having previously had success coaching Tommy Haas and Li Na, who were both top 10 players under his tutelage. Once Hogstedt took over full-time coaching duties at the start of 2011, her results took off. That year she made the French Open semifinals and Wimbledon final and won two WTA Premier titles.

The pair ended their relationship shortly after Sharapova’s second round loss to Michelle Larcher de Brito at Wimbledon. “After almost 3 years of working together, Thomas Hogstedt and I decided to part ways,” the statement read. “Due to personal issues, he was not able to travel in the near future and we both agreed it was the right time to move our separate ways. I am very thankful for all his work, and wish him much success in the future.”


Jimmy Connors (2013)

2006 – Maria and Jimmy at the Women’s Sports Foundation.

Sharapova hired eight-time Slam champion Jimmy Connors to replace Thomas Hogstedt as her new coach. “I am happy to announce that Jimmy Connors will be my new coach,” Sharapova wrote on her official website. “I have known Jimmy for many years and we briefly worked together in 2008 just before the Australian Open. I am really excited about our new partnership and looking forward to the upcoming tournaments.” After one match, Maria decided to end up the partnership.

According to Max Eisenbud, Sharapova’s longtime IMG agent, the relationship was not jelling in the few weeks they worked together following Wimbledon. “Jimmy came in at the wrong time and in the wrong place,” Sharapova said. “When he came in post-Wimbledon, I don’t think any coach could have succeeded in the frame of mind I had at that time. Because I was going to practice, and I knew I couldn’t serve, and I knew that there was a good chance I might not play the U.S. Open. As an athlete, that’s tough to digest. I was not fun to be around, and it was a tough position for him.”


Sven Groeneveld (2013-present)

2014 – Maria and Sven after winning the French Open.

Maria Sharapova hired Dutchman Sven Groeneveld, the former mentor of Monica Seles and Mary Pierce, as her new coach. Writing on her Facebook page, Sharapova said: “I’m happy to announce my official partnership with Sven Groeneveld. We’ve been working together since I got back on the court and after seeing him on the opposing side for so many years, I’m excited to have him become a part of my team.”With Groeneveld as her coach, she has won her second French Open title in 2014.